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Prize Specific Drawings 

-A prize from Let's here to see more!

General Prize Drawing 

General Raffle:
-Come back soon to see more prize options!

Raffle Tickets are $1 each
20 Tickets are going home with your mustang.  Extra tickets are available in the office or you can
contact the FOR Club for more .

Follow this 3 step process to return your Raffle Tickets: 

Step 1: 
On each ticket, fill out the recipient’s contact information.

Step 2: 
On the “Prize” line, write down which drawing that ticket should be entered into: either a Prize-Specific Drawing (such as Apple Watch) or the General Drawing. If the “Prize” line is left blank, that ticket will go into the General Drawing.

Step 3: 

Place cash or check (made out to FOR Club), the top completed section of each purchased ticket, and any unsold tickets in the provided envelope. Return the envelope to school by Oct 26th. 

Drawings will take place at Halloween Carnival

Saturday, OCt 26th 
10 - 4 pm 

Thank you to all our generous donors and sponsors for supporting our school! All ticket proceeds benefit the FOR Club PTO.  

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