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Carnival Sweepstakes


Register for a free entry to win in the general raffle.


Here are just a few of the prizes that will be part of our raffle this year: 

* Cancun Vacation
* Disneyland Tickets
* Apple Watch
* Restaurant Gift Cards
 & Much More!

Participation   Prizes!

You can sell tickets to your family and friends to earn fun prizes:

* 25 tickets sold: Small Carnival Goodie Bag  
* 75 tickets sold: Large Carnival Goodie Bag  
* 150 tickets sold: Richland Hat  
* 300 tickets sold: Richland Yearbook


Follow the link below to Flipgrid and tell us how many tickets you hope to sell and what prizes you are most excited about! 


1) Go to and click “Register Now”

2) Create a GiveSmart Account for yourself. You will receive one entry into the sweepstakes drawing at the end of Carnival, just by signing up!

3) Go to your email and "Check in" through the link provided.

4) In the email click on "Your Personal Link" and you'll be taken directly to the Virtual Halloween Carnival Sweepstakes homepage. 

5) Browse raffle items.  

6) Enter Credit Card information.

7) Buy tickets for each raffle you'd like to participate in. Be sure to enter your teacher's name and student's last name so they can earn participation prizes!!!

8) Once you have completed your raffle entries click PAY at the top of the page.

9) Review your order. You can also opt to pay fees to cover transaction costs at this point. 

10) If you would like to purchase more tickets you just log in and start at Step 7. 


Winners will be notified using the information entered in your GiveSmart account.

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