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FOR Club Committee's

Below is a list of all the committees the FOR Club runs along with a brief description. Click the sign-up button below if you are interested in joining a committee.  Please note in the comments section what committee(s) you are interested in. 

Raise Craze

The Raise Craze Committee will help organize and run the fundraiser. This includes helping organize and running the family night. This committee will run during the summer through mid September. 


Carnival Committee coordinates the annual Halloween Carnival at Richland. The event is all ages and a tradition that the whole school participates in. It takes place in October and the committee will be active from late summer through October. 


The Golf Tournament Committee seeks out sponsors and plans the annual Golf Tournament. This event takes place in the Spring and meetings take place once a month when school resumes after winter break. 

Bingo de Mayo

Bingo de Mayo is held the first week of May and is adult's only.  The committee assists with coordinating the event, decorating, and clean up. This committee with meet once a month when school resumes after winter break. 


The Appreciation committee assists with appreciation events during Staff Appreciation Week and helps to recruit Pony Pals. 

School Dance

The School Dance Committee is reponsible for planning, decorating, and clean up for the school dance with takes place in the Spring. 

Copy Team

The Copy Team assists with making copies during the school year for distribution to our Mustangs. 


The yearbook committee will help collect photographs to be included in the yearbook.  They will also help with promoting/selling the yearbook and distributing them at the end of the year. This committee runs all year. 

Bylaws Review

The FOR Club is reviewing our bylaws this year and making any necessary changes to them. This committee will help with this process. It will begin meeting after winter break and will meet monthly.

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